Me (Terry) and my dog Baxter

I was born an artist, something that was inherited from my father, an awesome but a forever to be undiscovered talent. Other members of my family share this creativity through art, writing and musical talents.

I have always been creative and became a graphic designer so I could create for a living. I live to create… I must create… it makes me happy.

Although I was self-employed as a graphic designer for 25+ years, I am also a self-taught artist, with a lot of real life experience.

My graphic design years featured original art, although this art became digitised or drawn on a computer. I have always loved texture and clients gave me the freedom to add visual texture and dimension to their designs – illustrations which were successful for clients and sometimes won design awards for me. In turn, I tend to add a lot of texture to my art and it is rarely flat.

I loved to create beautiful things! Elements of nature full of bright colours, textures, larger than life elements… I have never wanted to be Rembrandt or Picasso. They did their own thing and did them well. I have a hard time copying another artist’s style anyway. This shows when I take a workshop and my art looks completely different from everyone else, as if I wasn’t paying attention. Yet, I am constantly experimenting with creative methods and sometimes these workshops allow me to think in another creative space, with other creative people. The resulting art is altogether different, yet an extension of my previous pieces.

My favourite brush is short and wide and is meant to be used close to the canvas, where I can feel and even force its movements. I love to work on larger canvases with 48” x 36” being a perfect size. Colour and even purity of colour is important to me and I try to put as much colour as appropriate to each piece, balancing the brights with the not so bright colours.

I am fortunate to live an hour away from the mountains and head there whenever I can. When I hike I look down at the flowers and rocks, I look up at the trees. I love nature and being outdoors and am a Treehugger with I have a love of rocks and water. I never wanted a large diamond on my hand but how about a large boulder for my garden? I like to put these elements into the pictures whenever I can.

I want people to be happy when they see my pictures, whether they are abstract or semi-realistic. I hope you enjoy my art!