Terry Kruse is an artist and nature enthusiast living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She finds herself fortunate to live an hour away from the mountains and spends time there whenever she can. Her art is abstract in nature but nature inspired.

Terry was born an artist, something that was inherited from her father, an awesome but a forever to be undiscovered talent. Other members of her family share this creativity through writing and musical talents.

Terry states: I live to create… I must create… it makes me happy. I love to create beautiful things! Elements of nature full of bright colours, textures, larger than life elements… I am constantly trying to stretch my creative talents and my newest abstract art reflects this.

Although Terry has attended art classes and workshops over the years, she considers herself a self-taught artist. She finds colour and even purity of colour important and while she uses a limited palette, her method creates unlimited vivid tones not always available from an art store.

For years Terry worked with flat, more opaque paints but the last year has seen her working with brighter, shinier fluid acrylic paints. Her process involves intuitive and controlled pouring of several colours, sometimes requiring several pours, with each affecting the viscosity of the proceeding layers. These paints change the palette and create vibrant colours with rich hues. Her work has always had a lot of texture - even when the piece is flat, but she finds that she can create a visual texture from the blending and layering of these paints. Strong suggestions of movement in each piece create a magical mystique and the art seems to live in a spectacular otherworld.

Terry's art is bright and cheerful and has a warmth that lights up a room. The art is created with the intention that clients feel happiness when gazing at these paintings and see beauty in their worlds.